Best Amino Acids for Muscle Growth

Best Amino Acids for Muscle Growth
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It is vital to have the best amino acids for muscle growth when you are seriously considering forming and shaping those muscles. The reason behind this is that amino acids tend to help in balancing the acids in your system, which can affect how your body repairs its muscles. It also has a lot to do with improving your stamina.

Therefore, if you want to build your muscles the right way, you have to make sure that your dietary supplement has the right amount of amino acids. You do not have to worry about which one to pick, because we have got you covered!

Here, we are going to talk about three different dietary supplements for muscle growth. We are going to list the pros and cons of using them to know which is the best of the best.

Best Amino Acids for Muscle Growth: Our Top Three Picks

Just a quick note before we discuss the products. Keep in mind that what you should be looking for is the perfect balance of acids and other ingredients. If there is no balance, chances are the product will upset your stomach or make you feel nauseous.

Here are the most promising amino acid dietary supplements for muscle growth that we found on the market:

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1. eFlow Nutrition Endure

This supplement has a combination of BCAA and EAA, which are excellent for fast muscle repair and your body's overall recovery. In addition, it is great to combine BCAA and EAA because that is ideal for enhancing your workouts because you will gain more strength and stamina.

eFlow Nutrition Endure’s formula has a total of nine amino acids, which can help grow new muscle mass and also increase your existing muscles at the same time. This formula is also free from stimulants and sugars and has zero calories. It can also be used by both men and women.

As for helping in muscle repair, it can help prevent the breakdown of your muscles as well as help in reducing soreness. It is recommended for you to take one serving of this blend, together with 12 to 24 ounces of hot or cold water. You can drink it before or after your workout.

This supplement has been tried and tested by third-party companies so you are sure that it has premium ingredients. Some of its ingredients are l-norvaline, nitric oxide compounds, arginine, and citrulline malate. Combined, these are safe for long-term consumption.


  • No crashes
  • Can help increase energy
  • Has a nice taste
  • Can be mixed with other formulas
  • Can help enhance stamina
  • Helps in cutting down soreness
  • Can help with hydration


  • Has a slightly grainy texture
  • Can cause upset stomachs
  • A bit of a hassle to prepare
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Does not dissolve easily

2. MP Essentials BCAA Powder

The MP Essentials BCAA Powder contains valine powder, which is great for a post-workout drink. Furthermore, you can get 30 servings out of this, and it is also unflavored. It contains three grams of leucine, one gram of isoleucine, and two grams valine. These amounts are just ideal to be easily carried by proteins throughout your body.

Although the patent for this product is still pending, one cannot deny its powerful formula that has six grams of BCAA amino acids. It is great for building muscle and also muscle recovery. It can also help in supporting your lean muscle mass. Therefore, it can effectively assist in muscle development.

You can mix it with water, and it does not contain any calories. There are also zero carbohydrates and no amount of sugar so you can effectively develop your muscle mass and also aid in losing fat.

As for the flavor, this dietary supplement comes in blue raspberry, fruit punch, watermelon, or lemon-lime. It has also been tested to ensure that it does not have any banned substances.


  • Great for a post-workout drink
  • Helps with quick muscle recovery
  • Can help with muscle strains
  • Helps in increasing stamina
  • Tastes good
  • Can help with consistent energy
  • Can be mixed with other formulas


  • Forms a foam after mixing
  • Can make you feel nauseated
  • Doe not have caffeine
  • A bit difficult to dissolve
  • Has a terrible after-taste
  • The smell can linger in your bottle

3. Cutler Nutrition Generate EAA and BCAA Powder

In the Cutler Nutrition Generate, we have yet another supplement that combines the powers of BCAA and EAA. Again, this is better for improved protein synthesis and acid balance in your body.

This dietary supplement is ideal to be taken after your workout so that it can help with muscle recovery and also help in muscle repair. It has five grams of BCAA and two grams of EAA. With every scoop, you have seven grams worth of amino acids. These amino acids can help in stimulating your lean muscle mass, which can then assist in improving the recovery of your muscles.

You can also maximize the growth of your muscles because it has l-leucine, which works well with the amino acids so that you can enhance your stamina and strength. In this way, you can push through even with the toughest of workouts.

Quality is also assured as it has a facility that is compliant with cGMP, and it is manufactured in the USA. Furthermore, it has been tested a lot of times. Therefore, it is excellent for long-term consumption.


  • Can help increase stamina
  • Can aid in regulating strength and power
  • Tastes good
  • Can be mixed with other formulas
  • Ideal to be used as a post-workout drink
  • Does not upset the stomach
  • Easy to mix and dissolve in hot water


  • Can form a foam after mixing
  • Can increase weight when not aided with exercise
  • Does not help too much with recovery
  • No effects for muscle strain
  • Hard to dissolve in cold water

Which One to Get?

The products that we have discussed are definitely the best amino acids for muscle growth in the market today. However, if we need to pick only one, we would go for the MP Essentials BCAA Powder. We chose this one because it is truly effective in helping you build muscle, and it also aids in muscle recovery.

As some of you might know, muscle recovery is essential for you to bulk up. Your muscles should be given the time to recover and rest so that they can properly be formed. This is why the one from MP Essentials will be a great post-workout drink. Not only can it prevent you from losing strength, but it also works on your muscles while you rest.

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