How Much Muscle Can You Gain in a Month

How Much Muscle Can You Gain in a Month
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When it comes to gaining muscle, there are many ways to do this. The most obvious and effective one is to exercise and lift weights, but different factors affect muscle growth. There are also various supplements, programs, and products that can help in building muscles and each of these has varying degrees of effectiveness. So, how much muscle can you gain in a month realistically?

Let’s take a look at the answer to that question and how it can be achieved.

How to Gain Muscle?

As mentioned, there is a wide selection of ways for you to gain muscle. The process of muscle growth can be influenced by two external factors, namely nutrition and exercises. These factors can directly affect the amount of muscle we gain over a specific period. They also work hand in hand in developing proper muscle growth, which means there should be a balance between the two for optimal muscle development.


As mentioned, when it comes to muscle growth, the best way to do this is through exercise, but not just any exercise, it has to be resistance exercise. When you put your body through resistance exercise consistently, the body adapts so that it can become more capable of handling the workout. It does this by growing muscles.

The more exercise you do over a more extended period, the bigger your muscles get. The reverse is also true, in that, the less exercise you do over time, the smaller your muscles get.

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Definitely, particular food items help in building muscle, and some other food diets that hinder muscle building. The most well-known food group that aids in muscle building is proteins.

Proteins produce amino acids that are needed for growing muscle. Nonetheless, other food groups, such as carbs and fats are also important in gaining muscle. You just have to consume them in minimal amounts.

Factors That Affect Muscle Growth

Having a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly may be the keys to muscle growth, but certain factors still play a role in how much muscle can you gain in a month. Some of the critical ones include:

1. Gender

Men can grow more muscle mass than women, and this really has nothing to do with the capabilities of one sex over the other. The physiological makeup of men makes their bodies more attuned to gaining muscle, which means it’s all in the biology of a male body. Put simply the male body has more muscles because they produce more testosterone, which helps in building muscles.

2. Age

A younger person can gain more muscle than a person who is twice his or her age because a younger person has more hormones. These hormones help in gaining muscles faster and at a higher rate.

When we are of more advanced age, the hormone levels in our body go down. While it is still possible to gain muscle past a certain age, it will be harder, and it will take longer.

3. Supplements

One of the best and fastest ways to help your muscle grow is through supplements, which are, of course, designed to help build muscle. Using supplements can be tricky, though, and it can even be illegal, especially if you join competitions or if you are an athlete.

The best legal supplements that you can get are protein shakes and protein drinks that provide just the right amount of protein and calories for your daily intake. There are also special dietary capsule or tablet supplements that help in increasing muscle growth in the body.

4. Muscle Memory

It is actually easier to gain muscle that you have built in the past because of muscle memory. Thus, bodybuilders or athletes that have gained muscles before will regain muscles faster than a person who is building muscles for the first time. That is why some people manage to gain as much as five to ten pounds in just a short amount of time.

5. Genetics

Genetics also plays a large role in how much muscle a person can gain in a month. An individual’s genetic makeup will determine their hormone levels, muscle length, and bone structure. This will also determine the body shape and type.

Certain bodies are predisposed to gain muscle quickly and easily. Sadly, there is truly nothing you can do to change your genetics. You can just make the most of what you have and give your best effort to work out regularly and eat well.

6. Hormones

There are three kinds of hormones that stimulate muscle growth. These are insulin growth factor hormones (IGF-1), the growth hormone (GH), and testosterone.

These hormones help signal the muscles that it is time to repair and build up during the rest period. They naturally occur in the body, and they increase as you exercise and change your diet.

7. Steroids or Drugs

It is a known fact that the use of steroids and other growth hormones can severely affect the rate of muscle growth. These drugs are illegal to use in professional sports, but most of them are also illegal to use recreationally. There are several adverse effects of these kinds of drugs, and if it is not regulated correctly, it can have unfavorable and even harmful effects to the body.

How Much Muscle Can You Gain in a Month?

In one lifetime, a man can build an average of 30 to 50 pounds of muscle while a woman can grow an average of 20 to 30 pounds of muscle. By average, a man gains as much as 0.25 to 0.5 muscles a week or one to two pounds of muscle per month. In contrast, a woman can gain an average of 0.12 to 0.25 pounds of muscle per week or around 0.5 to one pound per month.

Under the best circumstance and with just the right kind of exercise, nutrition, and supplements you can gain twice as much or as much as four pounds per month (two pounds for women).


A person’s muscle growth will depend on their age, gender, muscle building experience, and genetic makeup. It will also depend on the diet and exercise that they will be going through.

In a month, a person can ideally gain one to two pounds of pure muscle. That can be helped by the right supplements and the right kind of program or products, but only by so much. In the best conditions and with the right help, a person can gain as much as three to four pounds of muscle.

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