How To Increase Protein Absorption

How To Increase Protein Absorption
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Many people are aware that protein is key for a number of different nutritional purposes. It can help with building muscle and improving overall health if used in the right way. Up until recently, many people thought the best thing they could do to increase their protein absorption was to consume as much protein as possible.

In more recent times, we’ve learned that there are other aspects to increasing your protein absorption. We’re going to discuss 5 things to keep in mind as you work to increase your protein absorption.


Specialized enzymes in your stomach work to break down the protein you consume to turn it into useful amino acids. Under normal circumstances, there’s only so much protein that your body can break down at a time. Often, this can wind up leaving out a lot of the protein you consume.

A great way to help your body to be able to break down more of that protein is by using an enzyme supplement alongside your protein or protein powder. The idea is generally to take small amounts of an enzyme supplement with your meals regularly. Do make sure to consult a nutrition professional to ensure you get the right enzyme supplement.

Types of Protein

Not all forms of protein are created equal. Some are more effective in your body than others. This is especially important to remember this when using protein powders. While protein powders that are milk based are highly common, they don’t tend to be the most effective.

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Egg white and brown rice protein powder are great options that will be easy to digest, making them some of the most effective. Whey, casein-based options are also going to be one of the better options if you really prefer powders that are based on milk. While these aren’t the ideal, they are going to be easier to digest than other milk options.


Your body can only absorb so much protein in one sitting. Typically, that’s anywhere from one to ten ounces each hour. In order to get the most out of your natural ability to absorb protein, it’s a good idea to consume smaller amounts of protein more often. That way, you don’t wind up wasting protein by consuming more than your body can absorb.

Enjoying a small protein shake in between meals is a great way to get more protein in a more efficient way. By breaking it down, you’ll also be less likely to burn yourself out by getting too filled up on protein powder shakes.


On top of enzymes, there are also certain stomach secretions that can help with breaking down proteins more efficiently. Hydrochloric acid is the main secretion responsible for this. In order to give your body an easier time breaking down proteins, it’s a good idea to use natural foods to help increase your production abilities.

There are a number of different foods that can do a great job helping to increase your hydrochloric acid secretions, such as kale, spinach and onions. If you make a habit of consuming these kinds of foods around when you have a protein shake, it can help to increase your body’s natural efficiency when it comes to absorbing protein.


While it may not be a good idea to consume a lot of protein right after a workout, having around ten or twenty grams along with some carbohydrates can be helpful. Nutritional experts are beginning to learn that the intestines do receive tiny amounts of damage during high-resistance workouts, so it can be a little more difficult for them to handle very large amounts of protein easily.

More tests are needed to make it more clear just how much protein you should consume post-workout, but if you stick to the idea of frequent, smaller amounts then you should be successful. Just make sure to follow all the correct workout procedures as well, for safety.


Overall, it’s going to be in your best interest to consume small amounts of non-milk based protein around every hour or two in order to make sure that your body will be able to efficiently break down the protein you’ve consumed. Taking an enzyme supplement can also be helpful to add to the enzymes which help to break down proteins.

On the same note, consuming foods that increase hydrochloric acid secretions can also be a helpful way to create more efficiency. Making sure not to overdo it with the proteins after a resistance workout can also make sure your intestines are able to further break down any protein you consume.

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