What Causes Muscle Growth?

What Causes Muscle Growth?
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Muscle growth doesn’t just happen overnight. If you really want to gain muscle mass, you need to be committed, and be prepared to work hard to reach your goal. You also need to know that it is going to take time, and the bigger you want to be, the longer it is going to take. Our bodies don’t really want a lot of resistance, so they are essentially resistant to muscle growth. They will only produce more muscle when you push them. So, what causes muscle growth anyway? Read on to find out.

Two types of muscle growth

There are two types of muscle growth, hypertrophy and hyperplasia. With hypertrophy, muscle growth is due to the size of the muscle fibers increasing. With hyperplasia, it is the amount of muscle fibers that is increasing. Then, you can break this down even further. There are two types of hypertrophy, sarcomere hypertrophy, which is a growth of the muscle’s contractile portion, and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which is the growth of the non-contractile portion.

Theories about muscle growth

There are several theories about what causes muscles to grow. Most of these theories have the basis that lifting weights injures the muscles, and they grow when they heal on your off days. Our bodies break down and rebuild the muscles every two to four weeks. Working out speeds this process up because the body needs more fuel. The muscles rebuild themselves for 24 to 36 hours following a workout, and can continue to do so for as long as 72 hours.

Hypoxia theory

Another theory is the muscle hypoxia theory. This theory revolves around the idea that the oxygen content in the muscles decreases during weight training, which causes protein synthesis. The idea came about because we know that lifting weights more than 60 percent of the maximum causes the blood flow to be temporarily restricted. But, we also know that restricting the flow of blood will not help the muscles to grow.

Increased blood flow theory

A third theory is that when you are training, there is an increase in blood flow. The blood flowing through the veins delivers nutrients to the muscles, including protein, which causes them to grow. If you use an enzyme supplement like MassZymes 2.0, muscle growth will happen even faster, because this supplement helps the body to absorb more protein, and absorb it faster.

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Energetic theory

There is also the energetic theory. This is probably the most common theory, and the most popular one. Basically, our muscles only have a specific amount of energy to use for movement, repair, and growth. This is what is known as an adaptive reserve, and with a lot of time and effort, you can make the body work better at breaking down the muscles and then rebuild them and make them grow. This causes the adaptive reserve to grow as well, completing the circle.

Training volume theory

Soviet weight lifting coach Alexey Medvedyev Sidorovich theorizes that the main factor that determines muscle growth is training volume. His recommendation is for weight lifters to train with singles if they want to remain in their current class. If they want to get into a higher weight class, reps should train with sets of at least three reps. There should be little rest between sets, because it is the volume of work that helps the muscles to grow, according to this theory.

Using steroids

Some people choose to get their muscle growth through the use of steroids, in addition to their workouts. There are several reasons why this is not the best way to do things. For one thing, it is illegal. Steroids are banned substances. Also, this is taking the easy way out, and not doing the real work it takes to gain muscle mass the natural way. But, the biggest reason why steroids are not a good idea is that they are extremely dangerous, and have some pretty nasty side effects.

Hard work is the key to muscle growth

The best way to ensure muscle growth is to work for it. You need to put a lot of stress on your body in order to release enough hormones for muscle growth, as well as to get more nutrients to the muscles. Using MassZymes 2.0 can help with this, as this supplement helps the muscles to better absorb protein, which is necessary for muscle growth. It is often recommended that using as much weight as you can, and doing three sets of at least eight reps on the bench press, bent over rows, and then full squats, followed by a full set of exercises.


As you can see, there are several theories about what causes muscle growth. The main thing you need to be concerned about is working hard, and you need to be prepared to do this for as long as it takes to get to where you want to be. Nothing worthwhile is easy, and if you really want to increase your muscle mass, you will be more than willing to work for it, which includes working out, getting enough sleep, and following a healthy diet.

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