What is Lean Muscle Mass?

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First things first. After defining the term, you will realize there’s nothing such as a Lean Muscle Mass. It’s just an illusion since all muscles are lean. In this article, we’ll focus on lean muscle mass in the form of ‘toned’ muscles, which makes a person appear more compact.

Talking of lean muscles means having muscles in their normal sizes or being slightly developed. Each individual has lean muscles, they just vary in quantity and appearance in different people. Maintaining toned muscles requires a slightly lower than normal intake of calories. This allows the calories to burn the fats in their muscles.

Factors affecting Lean Muscle Mass

  • Body types also determine whether one can get lean muscle mass and to what extent one can get it. Endomorphs are plump, and thus, they have large frames, and it’s easy to gain muscles. The other type is Ectomorphs who are by default skinny. Due to their little muscles and slight frames, it’s hard for them to get lean muscle due to their fast metabolism. The last group is Mesomorphs. This type is neither skinny nor plump. They have the perfect athletic body, and it’s quite easy for them to gain lean muscle mass.
  • Developing lean muscle mass depends on various aspects, such as hormones, gender, and genetics. This is the reason why some people, no matter how hard they train, have muscles which don’t seem to get any leaner. Similarly, for women, it’s difficult for them to build lean muscle mass void of supplements. This is an assurance for women that they shouldn’t fear strength training because of bulking out; it just can’t happen.

Some important facts

  • The whole body is made up of several muscles, which include cardiac muscles, skeletal muscles, and smooth muscles. Skeletal muscles and cardiac muscles can be strengthened by resistance training and regular training, respectively.
  • Through hypertrophy, people can build lean muscle mass. According to research, it suggests that to achieve muscle growth, you need to manipulate various factors as we’ll see below.
  • In cases of bulky muscles developing, you need to lower down your exercise rate and frequency by performing fewer and less intense sets. This way, you will achieve lean muscle mass.

Benefits of Building Lean Muscle Mass

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  1. Having lean muscles allows you to burn extra fat since they are more metabolically active. Due to the bodily processes involved, lean muscle mass also protects you from conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Another benefit of lean muscle mass is that it improves factors such as sleep quantity, blood glucose level and mental well-being.
  2. It leads to stronger bones. This is because the cells that make up your bones are constantly replaced. The density of the bones will increase with time, and thus, they become stronger.
  3. Increased energy. You will realize that you become more energetic as you build more lean muscle mass. The body can take part in vigorous activities without strain.

Tips (How to Build Lean Muscle Mass)

  1. Adhere to a Lean Muscle diet

To meet any goal, you have to stick to a game plan. Adjusting your diet is one step to gaining lean muscle mass. You need to eat plenty of vegetables with more emphasis on spinach and beets. Additionally, fruits will be advantageous in achieving your goals. Fruits such as oranges, apples, and bananas have nutrients for developing muscles due to their high fiber content.

Grains are also vital in lean muscle building. They have a high content of proteins and fiber, besides their great taste.

Still on the muscle diet, planning your meals should be based on your workout. First, have a heavy breakfast of about 450 calories within the first hour after waking up. Secondly, ensure you enjoy a meal or snacks about 2 hours before your workout session begins. Try as much as possible to include proteins in your meal before working out.

There are also some foods to avoid, such as fast foods, sugary foods, and junk food. Avoiding these foods helps you to control your appetite and slightly reducing calorie intake.

  1. Compound exercises

Compound exercises are any exercises that work more than one muscle at once. This is possible because the exercise requires you to do multiple movements. Let’s consider some compound exercises which will be of great help. Push-ups are one of the most common types of exercise. They are important since they work both the core and muscles.

Other exercises include weightlifting, which is classified in varied categories. Weightlifting on your tiptoes targets abs, arms, thighs, glutes, and calves, all at once. TRX bands help muscles such as triceps, bicep, and chest.

Burpees are also key in building your lean muscle mass. They include squatting, jumping and push-ups. Lastly, on the compound exercises is Kettle ball workouts. This exercise entails squatting, thus more than one muscle is engaged at once.

To increase the efficiency of the compound exercise, ensure you skip a day after each work out session. This allows your muscles to rest.

  1. Building strength

To build lean muscle mass, you will need to make them strong. One way to strengthen them is by lifting weights for approximately half an hour for at least 3 days a week. Going into this option, you can do so by use of TRX bands, machines or free weights.

It is also essential to take breaks between weightlifting days. It’s advisable to skip a day after a workout to let your muscles reconstruct and strengthen. You should also target muscle fatigue. By pushing your muscles to the farthest limit, your muscles will become leaner due to the frequent tearing and reconstructing of the muscles.

To ensure leaner muscles, try as much as possible to perform one repetition every two seconds, unlike the normal rate of four-second cycles. Also, rest for at most 1 minute between your sets. Short rest breaks are more effective for lean muscle mass.

Lastly, while still working out, ensure you drink plenty of water. For every 30 minutes, ensure you drink about half a liter during each intense workout.

As you have seen, getting lean muscle mass comes with vast advantages to individuals due to the processes involved.  Also, lean muscle mass may differ for people due to the different factors as we’ve highlighted.


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