Workout Schedule for Building Muscle

Workout Schedule for Building Muscle
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Everyone has their own different workout needs, and they create their workout schedules around those needs. If you want to build muscle, and build it quickly, you are going to need to create a special schedule that will help you to achieve your goals. In this article, we are going to provide you with some tips that will help you to create a workout schedule that is going to help you bulk up, and it isn’t going to take several months to do it. Let’s get started.

Your muscle-building schedule

This particular routine involves using an upper and lower split, which is probably the most common split. This is because it lets you train each muscle group in the body, without overworking those muscles and defeating the purpose of working out. Each group receives training once every three to five days, depending on the split you are using.

The thing we like about this routine is that it is an all-natural way to build muscle. It also helps if you are taking certain types of nutritional supplements, particularly MassZymes 2.0. This supplement offers up to 30 percent more muscle-building power, so you are going to bulk up faster when you combine your workouts with this supplement and a healthy, well-balanced diet. Basically, it will help your body to absorb more protein without you having to increase your dietary protein intake.

There are different ways that you can split this routine. Today we are going to look at one of our favorite splits, and one that is pretty much guaranteed to help you build the most amount of muscle mass in the least amount of time. You will see two versions, the three-day and the four-day versions, and then you can decide which of these routines is going to work better for you and your lifestyle.

Three-day version

This workout schedule involves taking days off to let your muscles rest and recover. You will be doing four different workouts: upper body A and B, and lower body A and B.

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The three-day version of the upper and lower split routine goes on for two-week periods. During week one, you will begin with an upper body workout (upper body workout A). The second day is a day of rest. On day three, it is time for a lower body workout (lower body workout A). The next day is another day of rest. The fifth day is for another upper body workout (upper body workout B), followed by two days off, concluding the first week.

On the first day of the second week, things are reversed. You will begin with a lower body workout (lower body workout B). Take the next day off, and then on day three, do an upper body workout (upper body A workout). The next day is another day off, followed by a lower body workout (lower body A) the following day. Again, take the next two days off to rest.

Four-day version

Now for the four-day version of the upper/lower split workout schedule. On day one, do an upper body workout (upper body A). There is no day of rest after day one, so on the following day, you will jump right into a lower body workout (lower body A).

Day three is your day of rest, then it is time to start over again, doing an upper body workout (upper body B), and a lower body workout (lower body B) the following day, followed by two days of rest. In this version of the workout schedule, you will be training each muscle group every three to four days, which is optimal for building the most muscle mass.

When to begin your workouts

Most people tend to start their workout routines on a Monday. With either of these routines, that ensures that you get the weekends off to do other things. Of course, it doesn’t matter what day you start this routine. The results are going to be the same. Both routines are similar, but they are different in that the four-day workout schedule has you working out a bit more. Either way, you are going to notice results in a short period of time, as both schedules offer up the perfect exercise frequency for building muscle at a healthy rate.

Your diet

Not only do you need to choose the best workout schedule for building muscle mass, you also need to follow a diet that is healthy and well-balanced, and it should be high in protein. If you are not getting enough protein from the foods you eat, you can supplement your diet with MassZymes 2.0. Sometimes we tend to feel too full after eating the amount of protein we need in order to build muscle mass. This supplement lets your body get the protein it needs, and you don’t need to eat more in order to get this important nutrient.


If you have been trying to build more muscle without a lot of success, you should consider trying one of these workout schedules. Either one is going to be ideal for your needs, and you can always switch them up by doing one version for a couple of weeks and then moving on to the next version.

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